Hasenpflug Duo

Photograph by  Alisa Garin

Photograph by Alisa Garin


The Hasenpflug Duo was created in 2012 whenThe Hasenpflug Duo was created about five years ago when a friend asked them to perform for an event celebrating opening of a new music hall. It was an “a-ha” moment for the two, as they had not previously consider melding their two styles...Robin, being from the classical world and Andy immersed in the contemporary, electronic and Avant garde. However, when the two sounds collided, what emerged was a unique sound experience that both the Hasenpflugs and their audiences fell in love with. From there, the two searched for music that they could fit into their individual talents, tastes and abilities. What they discovered was a melding of world music with synthesized sounds as a palate for their own unique soundscape. Using pedals, vocal processors and their own acoustic instruments, they combine traditional classical, world and new music to create a new soundscape that audiences of all ages have been raving over ever since that first performance.

Robin Hasenpflug, cello and Andy Hasenpflug, percussion perform the music of Ernest Bloch and Adam Hurst at the American Dance Festival Musicians' Concert. Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University Summer, 2015
Great Lakes Performing Artists' "Caravan" series presents Robin Hasenpflug, cello and Andy Hasenpflug, percussion at the Hands On Children's Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jude 2016. This is an excerpt from music of Adam Hurst.